Friday, 19 February 2016

Martyn Strikes Lucky With 13

On Martyn's annual week long trip to Lonsdale Park he enjoyed some excellent pike fishing landing a total of 13, the biggest of which was 18lb 4oz next 16lb 8oz then 2 x 15lb, 2 x 14lb, 1 x 13lb, 1 x 12lb, 2 x 10lb and only 3 fish under 10lb, Martyn even stayed on a few extra days to make the most of his time off.

Martyn was fishing from a single rod pod for the pike on some of our own dead bait and lost nearly as many fish as he caught which he puts down to the first time he used braid, unfortunately because Martyn was on his own last week he didn't manage to get any photos; but he is already looking forwards to his next trip back to Lonsdale!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas Crackers!

Anthony & his mates, all local guys were not at all deterred by the fact that "frank" was due to arrive the same week-end they had booked to fish. I think we can say they certainly enjoyed their week-end at Lonsdale.  Thanks for sending us the photos.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Busman's holiday

Bruce Gille is stopping with us here at Lonsdale Park on his annual holiday this week along with his 2 sons, Bruce reported catching just less than 20 carp which have all been high doubles. Most of these were taken on our Frankfurter and snail or peach and black pepper freezer boilies, Bruce has reported that the feeding patterns so far have been 5am and 10am

After a sharp overnight frost Bruce said up until dinner time today he had 4 fish and lost 1 which suggests that the chill in the air is starting to really bring the Carp on the feed after some very mild October weather so far; this pattern is quite common to see this time of year as the fish start to feed to put on weight for the winter months

Last week produced some good pike after having quite a few pike anglers stopping; the best of which fell to Robert Davies and his 2 sons which were in the high teens

Stay tuned for pictures to follow

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Late Availability

Limited availability offer 3rd October.

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

All Gold

Mark Fay enjoyed his stay at Lonsdale last week.

With a catch of 21 Carp all high doubles up to 19lb despite the heavy rainfall. Mostly taken in the early hours on a selection of our frozen boillies - nutty nut, peach & black pepper & tropical fruit, fished over a bed of krill & tuna method mix & mixed particle.

Neil McElhinney & his friend Neil also reported some excellent carp, Neil is also a very keen roach angler & reported plenty of good roach up to 2lb 8 oz.

Below is our very own Amy pictured this morning with a golden result.

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

McIlwaine Catch Report & Pics.

​Hi Paul & Val, hope you are well just getting in touch to let you know how we got on during our most recent weeks stay, and have included a few catch pics as well.

In total between the 3 of us, we landed around 50 carp, most of which were in the 6-12lb bracket with Dad landing the biggest a common of 19lb.

The fishing was a little slow to start with on the carp front, but progressed steadily as the week went on, with most bites coming through the hours of darkness into early morning. 

As usual all carp came using an assortment of your Lonsdale boilies, each flavour proving to be equally effective as the other, with either a 2-3 bait stringer or mesh bag of your krill pellet attached,and a spray of  the parti- mix or hemp you recommended over the top.

When the carp weren't on the much we all enjoyed float fishing for roach, and what quality roach they were too, I don't think we had many under half a pound, if any at all, and I lost count of the number of 1lb - 2lb fish we had.

As usual we had a few surprises along the way, banking some huge gudgeon a real rarity for us, and Dad even managed to land one of the several pike that kept trying to nab his roach on the way in.
All in all, a fairly productive and thoroughly enjoyable week' as ever, many thanks for accommodating us at such short notice, look forward to seeing you next year, thanks again,

                                                                                     Michael, Ryan & Aaron Mcilwaine.


More reports from anglers of the larger fish begining to show after spawning, most noteably a 24lb 8 oz carp landed by Mark on his 4th weeks visit of the year.